Nature Patterns glossary

Fine Art Printing
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Fine art media for Giclee prints
Acid- and lignin free art papers and art fabrics with a special coating for optimal ink absorption with the aim of a down to the last detail and durable image reproduction.

Frequency modulated screen
Printing technique where half tone dots are not discernible with the human eye.

Giclee print
French “giclée” -> “splash” or “gicler“” -> “(to) splash”: non-fading pigmented ink is sprayed on the carrier material with a high resolution without printed work coming into contact with the material to be printed.

Art printing
Image reproduction which is as close as possible to the original in a quality where no half tone dots are discernible with the human eye, for instance high-resolution ink-jet or offset printings with frequency modulated screen.

Nature Patterns
Latin “natura” -> “the essence of things”, “nasci” -> “to be born” and “mōnstrāre” -> “showing, indicating, instructing”: Nature’s structures structures in spatial and temporal dimension, which is also discernible with repetitions in a bigger context.

Natural materials for Nature Patterns printings

For Nature Patterns image reproductions two fine art medias are used:

1. Cotton paper: matt, thick paper with a soft, smooth surface for a natural image reproduction without irritating reflections. The paper printings are created with a circular material addition of ca. 20 – 60 mm. Other measures, for instance later framing, are possible.
2. Canvas: Thick cotton canvas with fine structures for a brilliant image reproduction. After the print the ink surface is sealed up silk-matt. Through applying it with the brush a picturesque effect is created.

The natural materials used for the Nature Patterns editions have a special coating which saves the haptic impression of the used artist medias. Paper and canvas meet the demands for down to the last detail, durable printings in accordance with the requirements of museums and galleries according to ISO standard 9706.

Pigment ink
Latin “pigmentum” -> “colour, jewellery” and “tincta” -> “stained, colourful”: Pigments are in contrast to artificial colouring substances which are not soluble in no liquid state. Pigment ink is characterised especially by colour stability towards artificial colouring based ink.

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