Nature Patterns as a perpetual calendar


The Rhön Biosphere Reserve includes landscapes of great diversity. This applies both to the wide panoramas, called “open spaces”, and to the details closer by. In his project “Nature’s Patterns in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve”, the designer and photographer Matthias Heymel draws our attention to the fascinating variety of this striking region by means of unusual angles and pictorial frames.
Heymel orchestrates the subtle natural structures and the interplay of forms and colours under the constitutive influence of light and shade, clouds, wind and fog. His photographs are timeless and, in printed form, sometimes cause the borderlines between painting and photography to blur. What is more, these photographs require no digital post-processing; their impact relies solely on the artist’s conscious choice of angle of vision, time of day or season, as well as on his marked sense for the natural illumination of the photographed scene.
It is a great advantage that this has given rise to a perpetual calendar which does not need to be discarded at the end of the year. Printed in all the official EU languages, the calendar highlights what the UNESCO Rhön Biosphere Reserve aspires to be: a very special habitat at the heart of Europe. This series of images pays homage to the unique multiplicity of this landscape.

Dr. Mathias R. Schmidt
Author and journalist

naturmuster-rhoen-mh-110001 naturmuster-rhoen-mh-110002 Gregor

The picture series “Rhön – Perpetual Modulation” is a perpetual calendar with European calendar reproduced with an environmentally friendly, climate-neutral print. It is available in two sizes:  67 x 67 cm (ISBN 978-3-00-047673-0) and 30 x 40 cm (ISBN 978-3-00-047672-3).

Limited collectors-edition – 995 copies

Edition #110 | Rhön – Perpetual Modulation